Waiting for Christmas: our favorite cookies recipe

Frosty evenings, foggy mornings, artisanal markets in every town, christmas music and backing of delicious cookies. This is, at least in Switzerland, the typical image that describes this magical season... Christmas!   

We are used to travel the world for discovering new cultures and finding new stunning handcrafted designs, but when it comes to cookies.. well, we really enjoy the Swiss taste.

So don't just wait until the 24th. Take your time on this 3rd Advent to try the "Birebrot Guetzli" in our version gluten free.


°° BIREBROT GUETZLI (Gluten free) °°

2 Egg whites
A Pinch salt 
170g Powdered sugar
200g Ground almonds 
4 Tablespoons "Birnenbrot/Birnbrot" spices
1 Tablespoon cinnamon 

If you like: delicious Swiss dark chocolate.

  Whisk stiff the egg whites with the pinch of salt.
2.  While beating, add the powdered sugar slowly until the egg white mass becomes stiff and shiny.
3.  In a separate bowl mix the almonds with the spices and add it slowly to the egg white mass. Now stir slowly the mix with a mixer (keep attention to don't break the foam) or better manually.
4.  Fill the mass in an injection bag (diameter ca. 4 cm) and place the cookies on an oven sheet covered with baking paper
5.  Bake the cookies at 100°C for 30 minutes. If you like you can decorate the cookies with dark melted chocolate (Yummy... we love it). 


ET VOILÀ.. Happy 3rd Advent!





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