Concept of NØA & GINGER

What is this all about NØA + GINGER? Let us introduce you to our concept and philosophy and bring closer some insights. There is the need of only three words when explaining our concept: DISCOVER | CREATE | COLLABORATE.


We are fascinated globetrotters and always spotting out for a new adventure that brings us to new horizons and even beyond… With NØA + GINGER and especially on the homepage we try to make this motivation tangible for you by using stories from local artisans and presenting wonderful products. So, we travel the world with the aim to discover artisans who cooperate with us to produce products with a design and a story. Often we focus on a country, look out for artisans by using our local contacts we already have and plan our itinerary. That’s how we explore fascinating places, wonderful sites, interesting personalities, as well as traditional production methods from local artisans with a beautiful design.


When we arrive at our destination we are heading to visit these artisans and designers. To chat with these persons, exchange stories and visions is a great pleasure and a moving experience. We learn more about their products, their production process and the challenges when working with the different materials. We start working together to establish new designs and new creations for NØA + GINGER. Our goal is to create something special, but always in the context of the local culture the artisan and material that is being used. Every piece is unique and being manufactured in small amounts with careful attention. It’s not a matter of quantity but of quality.


As soon as the collections and product designs are set, it’s in our upmost interest to have a sustainable collaboration with the artisans. At NØA + GINGER the focus is not only on the products, but as well on the stories and the culture behind the products. As these cultures and the local artisans are the reason of such beautiful products. We would like to give our partners the opportunity to present their story, their talent of craftsmanship here on the Swiss market. It’s a pleasure for us to somehow be a support to our partners.


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