We're grateful and ready for a fantastic 2017!

Hi in this rather freezing day!

After the first week in 2017 has passed we would like to share some insights about the first three months we have been online with NØA + GINGER. And let’s make some promises for New Year.

NØA + GINGER is the result of combining our never ending crazy wanderlust with our passion for design and beautiful products. After an initial research and recalling all the wonderful persons we met on our journeys in the years before, we decided in 2016 to make it a real mission. 

Meeting people and starting fruitful collaborations to develop new creations was an incredible pleasure. And of course, we haven’t stopped visiting wonderful places around the globe, catching up with different cultures. Cultures that finally appeared closer than initially thought, as feelings, needs and emotions are the same everywhere in the world. Based on this, we (a young Duo Team) are happy to bring to you beautifully handcrafted products that narrate a story of artisans that let you dream of foreign places.

For the first 3 months, we tried to find our place in a quite saturated market and explained our mission to everybody who kept crossing our path... the results were amazing! We received a lot of positive feedbacks from many of you who supported us with the energy to continue our endeavor. THANK YOU.

Soon it’s time focusing on the next beautiful range of products and new stories arising. Let us surprise you in 2017!

We hope we can continue inspiring you every day and why not, helping you to find the right piece that when being placed in your home will tell you a story and a dream from the place where it originally has been produced. Let's make it possible, all together!

Thanks for your support, 
Noemi & Mathias

PS: here some moments of our past months! 

Mathias, while discovering
Cape Town.
Us, while finding the best way to
come back in Town in Mexico.

Noemi, during a hard working 

 Our first NØA + GINGER order! 

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