Design: six questions to one of our favorite interior blogger.

The story of NØA + GINGER began with a pinch of ginger, that touch of spice that we believe makes our handcrafted products special. Since the beginning of this beautiful journey, we had the chance to collaborate with artisans and designers across the globe and, lately, also with bloggers and interior stylists.
Now it’s time to introduce those talented bloggers to you, and share their inspiring hints to make your home a unique place. What should never be missing from a stylish house? We asked this question, and more, to Pepper Schmidt of Heimatbaum. Read on and being inspired by her tips.

Hello Pepper and welcome on the blog. Please, tell us a bit about yourself.
Thanks for the chance to be here. Some facts about me: I’m 30 years old, soon mum of two and I live with my family in southern Germany where I was born and grown up. I have a “regular” job in the print media industry and, beside, I’m working as an Interior Stylist, Photographer and Blogger.

Why interior design and decoration? There was a specific moment in which the passion for interiors bloomed?
I was always interested in creating unique rooms and started to practice as a child. After school I started an apprenticeship as Visual Merchandiser and when we bought our house in 2014, there was plenty of room to live my passion.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?
It’s the dining area between the open kitchen and the living room. It´s not as roomy as I wish it were, but it is the center of the family life and where all gatherings with friends happen. As in every house there is a special place for visitors to feel comfy, in our place that zone is definitely our huge oak table.

About the dining area, what are the elements that make it organized and cozy at the same time?
We built a bench with storage for kitchen stuff and family games and also a platform to sit at the window watching the nature outside. I also sewed some pillows from cheap rugs to make it comfy. The wood of the floor, table and bench, together with the self-made leather elements, make it a cozy area with a rustic touch.

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Your blog is all about minimalism. Can you tell the readers three quick tips to give their place a minimalist feeling?
Often heard but still so true: less is more! Keep only the things you really need or use or have some emotional connections to. When it comes to decoration, choose less, big eye catching pieces instead of loads of little clutter. Tidy up! Keep all things in their place. The less you own, the easier it is. 

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Thanks for your time and your tips. Before to close, could you tell us two things that a well-decorated space must have?
That’s not easy to answer, as every person has his own style and needs. Personally, I need some unique pieces, like self-made items or art pieces, and there must always be natural elements, like shells, stones or feathers. A well decorated space should not look like decorated at all. It should look like it just happened to look like that.

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