February is the month of love and we want to celebrate it with our true love for.. well, you can imagine, travel!
You know that we at NØA + GINGER are travellers at heart: for us travelling is a lot more than taking pictures in iconic places. It’s about discovering and savouring new cultures, growing, and exploring the creative side of the world. 

That’s why we decided to start this month with some Mexican memories: the tale of a day in Mexico City, surrounded by its colors and the creative vibrations of the artisans we met. 

When we reached Mexico City it was a warm afternoon and our first move was touching base at the Chaya, a boutique bed & breakfast in front of the Alameda Park that would be our base for the night to come. This beautiful oasis, just a short walk from the city center, is a concentrate of Mexican style with a modern twist: just the kind of place we were looking for our stay.  After leaving our luggages at the Chaya, we dropped down into the city starting to discover it guided by the smell of tacos (remember, the real Mexican food experience calls for Tacos al Pastor, the authentic recipe). 

After a bit of exploration, we started to meet the designers who were about to become the creators of our very first products. We were in the Coyoacán neighborhood, a legendary place to visit. A definitely against-the-tide area in which you can still find the marks left by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. This former rural village is now full of handicraft stalls, art galleries, coloured markets and is a melting pot of colonial style and counterculture… so inspiring! 

Our dive into Coyoacán reached its peak with the visit to Casa Azul (the Blue House), birthplace of Frida Kahlo and the house where she grew up and lived for several years with her husband Diego Rivera. Its cobalt-blue walls are now known as the Frida Kahlo Museum and treasure lots of memories and historical anecdotes. 

No trip to Mexico City is complete without a visit to the Roma Norte neighborhood. It’s a quirky and lively melting pot of narrow streets with lots of cafes, bars, restaurants and boutiques. We spent the night in this super coloured area and we are still remembering the sweet aroma of churros coming from that typical bars…

Here a couple of our useful addresses.. Write them down and plan to enjoy this amazing city soon! 

Chaya boutique B&B
Doctor Mora 9 Piso 3, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06050 Mexico City, D.F., Mexico

Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum)
Calle Londres # 247, Colonia Del Carmen, Delegación Coyoacán, C.P. 04100, Mexico City


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