A #worldcrafted start into the new year!

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one are usually moments during which we take a look back at what has happened and jump into what is going to be. 2017 has been a fantastic year for us. It marked the first anniversary of NØA + GINGER making us realizing how many miles we’ve traveled so far. In a broad sense. We met a lot of artisans along the way, design lovers at heart, interior design bloggers, and creative professionals we started to work with.


Our couple-managed NØA + GINGER is growing day by day, first of all, thanks to the huge support from all of you. Your love for the handcrafted products we create and your positive feedback boosted our energy so much, also in the challenging moments.

During 2017 we launched new products ranging from pillows and hammocks to ceramics. We experimented a bit, showing you different styles and techniques and strengthening our passion for long-lasting design and handcrafted objects. We had new artisans joining us: among them, the latest new entry has been Nata in Hamburg, the hands that gave life to our latest collection of ceramics.



We started small but have big plans! Our DUO-team is now getting support from creative talented professionals that are taking care of different aspects of NØA + GINGER.

Carolina Caruso is a photographer who is with us since the very beginning, shooting the new creations for the online shop. Valeria Crescenzi is a freelance journalist and the pen behind the blog posts since April 2017. Gintare Marcel, photographer and art director, has started to collaborate with us since September 2017 developing with us the Prikker collection and curating the latest photoshoots.

2017 was an amazing year and we plan 2018 to be even better! We are planning new trips to the southern hemisphere of the world and already working on new products and new talented artisans. Creativity doesn’t take a break and after the festive season, we feel very energized and ready to rock the new year!

Our blog will continue to host monthly posts about what’s going on at NØA + GINGER and will be also enriched by videos and new behind-the-scenes stories.

Follow us...step by step we’ll bring to you the best handcrafted creations from the world! 


Noemi & Mathias





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