Much used but often underestimated in home decoration. What are we talking about? We are talking about pillows and their power to easily give your home a new feel. Who doesn’t have a crush for such soft and cosy accessories? We do, and we collaborated with Ilundi Design Studio in crafting a new collection of pillows that makes you dream about South Africa.

We went on a journey in the “Rainbow Nation” bringing back home a sense of wonder. We vividly recall the amazing colors of the savannah and the blue shades of the ocean while going on a safari. Being so close to giraffes, lions, penguins and travel through the South African wilderness left us with wonderful memories. Memories that we wanted to shape into something physical for our home, something that could remind us of those African days and the moments spent in beautiful lodges.

That’s the idea behind our new Safari Pillows, pieces done by hand each of them requiring up to four hours of work. The production process begins with the selection of the best cow’s hide possible, goes through several stages such as tracing the patterns, cutting the leather, hand punching the holes, to end with the sewing of all the elements.



The pillows are produced into two different sizes and colors and allow you to play with them making beautiful combinations. Looking for tips & tricks to decorate your sofa or bed with cushions? Here are ours:

Mind the background color. What’s your starting color? Do you have a neutral sofa/bed or a colored one? If it’s the former, you may prefer the warm shades of the natural colored leather. If it’s the latter, you may go for the grey version, a color that gives a safari touch but that is also perfect in case of Nordic interiors.


Play with dimensions. Choose cushions in different sizes to give your sofa or bed an appealing visual arrangement. Mix and match as you wish and prefer combinations with an odd number of cushions. 


Contrast is key. This applies to colors, textures, patterns and materials. The only limit is your creativity! For instance, you may want to put together leather and fabric pillows. Use as many patterns, textures as you like as long the common denominator is the same color palette.



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