The world in a home: NØA + GINGER just turned one!

For our first anniversary, we decided to publish a very special post. Instead of telling the story of NØA & GINGER from our own perspective, we asked our collaborator Valeria Crescenzi to interview us. She is a freelance journalist and the pen behind the latest posts on the blog and what's better than an external point of view to unveiling some of the most precious moment of our story so far? Keep reading and celebrate with us!


What if your home would become a living map of your travel memories? NØA + GINGER aka Noemi & Matthias, soulmates and co-founders of the brand, followed their passion for travel and design creating a thoughtful business that sells furniture and home accessories with a very international flair.

That special dream to bring back home a spoon of African nights or a handful of the North Sea landscape, just turned one. And for this important milestone what’s better than coming back to the roots and tell the story behind many, many miles and lots of artisanal, unique creations.

So let’s start from the very beginning. Do you know what was the scintilla that gave life to the brand? It was a trip to New York and a stroll through its streets, places full of dreams and soaked in creativity. That trip was a “carpe-diem-journey” and really kick-started NØA + GINGER. It was the right moment for a new professional adventure. Contacting the first artisans and designers was a matter of a moment! And a new travel to South Africa led to the very first collaboration: the one with Lichen & Leaf Workshop in Cape Town.  

There is something special in the first phases of a new project: it’s all about picking the right destination and research, research, research. It’s vital to know for which peculiar technique or product is a country known. It helps in selecting the right atelier for the next collection. That’s why each product of NØA + GINGER is unique: it tells the story of the country where it comes from and brings to Switzerland a pinch of the rest of the world.

“The first year of NØA + GINGER has been quite an adventure!”, told Noemi during the interview. The Swiss market is not that big and, of course, it has not always been easy. But this first year of activity got NØA + GINGER a lot of positive feedback and they are already working hard to transform it in a full time business. “We really love to support artisans and designers and create objects with a soul. And the community is really appreciating our take on creating beautiful home accessories.

The story of NØA + GINGER show us all that nothing is impossible: “if you have an idea that can positively impact this world you should go for it. No excuses, just start making your dream come true. Beautiful things will always find their way”! And if you are looking for some beauty remember that a selection of products by NØA + GINGER can be found at FashnPie concept store in Zurich until the beginning of the new year.


“Thank you everybody for being part of NØA + GINGER adventure. This first year would not have been possible without the support of our friends, families and all of you who help us to constantly grow and improve the quality of our creations”. 

Your NØA + GINGER Team


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